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County Governments

Stratford Hall Great House Government workings on the Northern Neck are very community oriented, with elected officials taking into consideration each citizen’s input before making decisions.

Each county has a similar and basic hierarchy.There are elected planning, wetland, utility, and other commissions. These commissions look at zoning, use permits, water and sewer, and many issues or requests from citizens, and then vote and pass on their recommendation to the county’s Board of Supervisors. Each district has its own elected representative on the county’s board. In many instances, the representativeis readily available by email or phone if a citizen has a concern, question or suggestion.Supervisors meet monthly and listen to status reports from all of their departments, including local EMS workers, Sheriff’s, VDOT representatives and school officials amongst others. They also hold public input sessions and welcome specialty groups to talk at their meetings.They debate current issues and set annual budgets to best serve taxpayers while providing the highest services possible.Staggered elections occur every two years; with normally two to three seats open for the running.All elected officials must live within the district they serve, most also work, shop and greet people daily in those same districts.

Stratford Hall Great House Additionally, in certain larger townslike Warsaw, Kilmarnock, White Stone, Irvington, and Colonial Beach, there are town councils. They are composed of mayors and a number of officials who help facilitate the town’s needs to best serve their citizens. Town council elections are staggered as well and often bring out lively debate that can lead to new and exciting progressive projects for that area.

Each county also has a head administrator hired by the board. The head administrator acts as a general liaison to the public and ensures that officials are kept abreast of all current issues.

Each town and county has their own website to contact departments with questions or concerns, including the Treasure’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, Zoning Departments, as well as all other services available to each citizen.

Government on the Northern Neck is exciting and meetings are often largely attended. It is a shining example of how citizens and officials work together to help create a better community.

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