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Stratford Hall Great House For parents looking to relocate to any new area, education is always at the top of your checklist. Ensuring that your child receives the best education possible is a large part of any parent’s decision to move.

The Northern Neck boasts some of the best public schools in Virginia, with new facilities in both Lancaster and Northumberland, and another new construction projectscurrently in Richmond and Essex Counties. Students attend accredited schools, many of which have been cited as some of the best in the state, including Richmond County Public Schools, which is one of only 38 districts in the state that have met annual standards of excellence last year. In addition to the public schools, there are also a few private schools that are attended by people from around the world.

The average student-teacher ratio is approximately 19:1 across the region and special classes are available for gifted children as well as those needing special help to ensure their success. With high graduation rates, the area also boasts excellent statistics for those going on to secondary schools.

Amazingly, the region is one of the few offering special education services for children with disabilities at no cost to the parent, with classes taught in school by specialized staff.

Stratford Hall Great House One thing that will separate your child’s education in the Northern Neck from any other region is the community’s involvement in the schools. With a wildly popular PTA, JTOTC program, parents who constantly donate time and effort to the schools, teachers who stay late to help their charges and students who look out for each other, your child will be in a safe environment where they can flourish. They will find themselves part of a community where teachers will always know them by name from kindergarten until they graduate. Their education will be put first and they will grow up with a sense of true community and an American Spirit that is unique to the Northern Neck and its educational facilities. In addition, school superintendents welcome any prospective parent to contact them in person to discuss their district and the unique programs they offer. For more information on each school district, please visit their websites or call the superintendents directly.

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