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Local Economy

Local Economy The Northern Neck has a varied and thriving economy that has recently been growing rapidly. It offers unique opportunities to both new and established businesses.

For many years, agriculture, timber, and fishing have been the main industries of the region, with rolling and sustainable viable crop and tree farms, as well as the largest menhaden fishery on the East Coast.Although big box stores do dot the region, new stores have begun to flourish due to county incentives that provide tax easements for new businesses and an enterprise zone unique to the area. Top-notch restaurants, delicatessens, clothing boutiques and much more have begun to spring up across the Northern Neck, providing jobs and bolstering the economy.

Local Economy Industrial parks in each county offer a low cost of living and have enticed several large-scale operations. Officials look forward to not only a booming industry but also the rise of retail businesses including coffee shops, clothing, and convenience stores, as well as many other amenities.

Despite the rapidly growing economy, rural ties and honor to a rich history will remain at heart in the Northern Neck. All open and future businesses are expected to blend in with the lush scenery and be a benefit to it.

Local Economy As the economy grows, so does the population, bringing in more business, culture, and wonder to an already amazing place to call home.