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Taxes & Cost of Living

Looking to purchase a new home can be a daunting task even for the most experienced buyer. All too often, the property you want the most comes along with a tax tag that would require the purchaser to take on a second job just to afford.In many regions, taxes for less than an acre of property near or on the water can cost over $10,000 a year.

Not on the Northern Neck! We have some of the lowest tax rates in Virginia while still offering the same services you would expect in many big cities.Both property and land taxes are some of the best in the commonwealth. Arrangements can be made to have them included in your mortgage, or paid separately to the county either annually or on a payment method of your choosing.

When looking out across your property, you will know that not only do you have the house of your dreams, but that you also got it at a rate that is fair and extremely affordable.

Below are the current tax rates (per $100 of assessed value) for the fiscal year in the four counties of the Northern Neck:

Real Estate Rate
Personal Property Rate
Contact #/ URL
$2.04 Vehicle $1.52 Other
804-462-7920  View Tax Rates
804-580-4600 View Tax Rates
$3.75 Vehicle $0.01 Other
804-333-3722  View Tax Rates
804-493-0113  View Tax Rates
804-443-4737 View Tax Rates
King & Queen
$3.94 Vehicle $1.10 Other
804-785-5976  View Tax Rates
804-758-5332  View Tax Rates
Town of Kilmarnock
804-435-1552 View Tax Rates
Town of Montross
Town of Tappahannock
804-443-3336  View Tax Rates
Town Warsaw

Compare that to the City of Alexandria, where you will be paying $1.13 per $100.Here on the Northern Neck, you can afford to buy the same dream house on as much land as you want without worrying about that nasty tax bill.

It is important to note property values and recent reassessments when calculating what your average annual tax bill will be. Also note that each county has special deductions and benefits for the elderly, infirm persons, and often for veterans.