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What Do We Need To Do Before Marketing Our Property?

This is a very common question. Whether selling a home or land, there are certain things you can do to enhance your property and make it more attractive to a potential buyer. Additionally, you can sell for more money and prevent many problems t...

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Life Happens. Circumstances Change.

LIFE HAPPENS. CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE. - Financial Challenges - Medical Needs - Size Requirements - Priority Changes - Death - Divorce - Relocation - Retirement There are many reasons people decide to sell their home. Valuable ass...

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“Issues” To Be Aware of When Selling

“Issues” To Be Aware of When Selling Whether you’re selling a home or parcel of land, there is the potential for certain issues/problems to arise. Awareness of the most common issues can reduce surprises and allow time to devise a plan, ...

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The New Tax Law At A Glance

Tax season is here! While we’re not tax pros, we still want you to alert you of some changes that could affect you this year. Owning real estate can make a significant difference on your tax return. Please check with a professional CPA fo...

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Proof That Zillow’s Zestimates Aren’t Accurate

This property is listed for sale at $949,000. It appears on Zillow twice, with one Zestimate showing a value of $157,000, and the other showing a value of $826,000. Neither of the “Zestimates” are anywhere close to the list price. Don...

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