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What Do We Need To Do Before Marketing Our Property?

This is a very common question. Whether selling a home or land, there are certain things you can do to enhance your property and make it more attractive to a potential buyer. Additionally, you can sell for more money and prevent many problems that could kill a sale. This is a check-list of the most common “pre-marketing” tasks and items you should consider prior to listing your property for sale. It is recommended that you seek professional advice prior to starting any of the following.


☐ Mark boundary lines (or survey property if no

 survey has been done.)

☐ Obtain home inspection by professional inspector.

☐ Repair broken/defective items as noted in inspection report.

☐ Power-wash siding, deck, patio, and sidewalks.

☐ Remove all clutter and pack up as many items as possible.

☐ Clean entire house including baseboards, windows, light fixtures, gutters, and roof.

☐ Paint exterior and interior areas as needed using neutral colors.

☐ Trim trees/shrubs, pull weeds, mulch, cut grass, and trim.

☐ Professionally clean or replace dirty carpeting.

☐ Refinish wood floors if they appear worn.

☐ Update/modernize kitchen and bathrooms.

☐ Seal/repair driveway.

☐ Obtain timber cruise by forestry consultant (if applicable).

☐ Obtain soil analysis (if unimproved land).

☐ Provide important documents including certificate of occupancy, septic operations permit, shared  well/driveway agreement(s), agreements (if property is rented), title insurance policy,  homeowners policy, flood insurance policy, loan documents (loan number and loan balance), list of  service providers and utility costs, history of improvements made, floor plans, and a list of special  features.